Wytwórnia Podłoża Zastępczego in Lemany commenced activity in 1989 and is involved in the production of compost for mushroom growing.

The founder and owner of the company is Mariusz Spychał. The owner’s commercial experience in mushroom growing goes back to 1978. Since then he has been involved in growing mushrooms the traditional way, using horse manure.

Currently compost used for mushroom growing is made from organic raw materials i.e. straw and chicken manure as well as gypsum and water.

High demand as well as the need to improve the product caused the further development of our company. In May 2005 building of a new plant commenced in Kołodziejowy Grąd and production commenced in September 2005. The plant, in its new location, was designed and built to incorporate the latest industry solutions.

Production process control equipment was supplied by the Dutch firm Dalsem, and the production machinery was prepared by the Hoving Holland company.

Our company works together with the most well-known spawn producers: Sylvan, Amycel and Italspawn. Furthermore it is a member of the National Association of the Cultivated Mushroom Industry. Assuring you a professional and reliable service and a high-quality product range we invite all interested parties to work together with our company


  • Kołodziejowy Grąd 1A
    12-160 Wielbark
    tel: +48 89 621 89 91
    fax: +48 89 621 89 92

  • Wytwórnia Podłoża Zastępczego Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.
    z siedzibą Kołodziejowy Grąd 1A
    zarejestrowanej w Rejestrze Przedsiębiorców przez Sąd Rejonowy
    w Olsztynie VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego pod numerem KRS 0000427888
    NIP: 7451843431
    REGON: 281417009
    kapitał akcyjny 32 551 000,00 PLN w pełni opłacony